How to get Twitter Followers

Twitter is a different kind of social network to Facebook. Most Facebook connections are based on knowing the person in real life, where Twitter involves interacting more with strangers. So how do you build up a Twitter following?

Common Interests

One of the most important things to keep in mind when trying get Twitter followers is quality is better than quantity. It's easy to get follows from users, but it's hard to make real connections with people who share the same interests with you. Birdly can help you get Twitter followers with the same interests as you by using our filter system, where you can filter to see users with particular interests


Probably the most important way to get Twitter followers is by tweeting! After all, that's what Twitter is all about! Tweet relevant, high quality content and over time you grow your Twitter following. Also make use of #hashtags, it's a great way to help people find your content

Follow People

Following other Twitter users lets them know your account exists, and more often than not if you share common interests or post high quality content, they will follow you back.

Use Birdly

As Twitter is for tweeting, birdly is for meeting new Twitter friends. Birdly is a discovery platform for Twitter, and can help you grow your Twitter presence and get Twitter followers quickly and easily.

Be Active

Most importantly, be active on Twitter. Partake in discussions about content that you have an interest in. If your favourite football team posts a tweet about last nights game, share your opinion. Favourite tweets, retweet interesting content. Over time you'll get more Twitter followers naturally.

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