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Birdly is a place to meet new Twitter friends and grow your Twitter presence

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Login with your Twitter account, complete your profile, and start meeting new Twitter friends and gaining followers

Meet New Friends

Filter twitter profiles by country and interests to find targetted new Twitter friends to follow from all around the world

Get More Followers

Use your birdly points to gain new followers. You receive points when you follow other users, or you can optionally buy points

How it Works

Birdly is a discovery platform for Twitter. Login with your Twitter account and complete your profile including your country and interest. When you login for the first time you are given a number of points.

When you follow a user on birdly, you are given a small amount of points (users decide how many of their points to give away). You can then use these points to give to your new followers. The more points you give away, the more quickly you will gain new followers. Remember to follow Twitters guidelines on new follower limits! Need for info? Read the FAQ

Read the FAQ